The Club

Chapter engagement

  • To promote the friendship among all those who love hunting and in general, open air sports.
  • To promote the conservation of fauna in the whole world, recognizing in hunting one of the means for obtaining this object.
  • To educate young people, sportsmen and, in general, individuals to the conservation of animals and forest.
  • To make the members share the hunting experiences.
  • To manage the club as a non-profit organization which, tough giving room to the recreational aims, should always bear in mind the conservation of fauna and renewable resources.


What the Italian Chapter offers

  • Secretarial Services: management of legalities and procedures concerning the filing of Top Ten trophies in the “Record Book” and assistance to the Member who intends to take part with his trophies to the various prizes of S.C.I. (Medallions, Major Awards, Grand Slams and Inner Circles).
  • Annual Convention: during this occasion the Members, besides meeting for 2-3 days will get updated by the professional hunters that more and more attend the convention.
  • Italian Chapter Award: a big silver lion which, with rules similar to those, of the Weatherby Award, annually prizes a Member’s career.
  • Prizes for the best trophies: the chapter honors the best trophies obtained by its members during the Chapter annual convention.
  • Other: during the Annual Convention and membership meetings the Chapter will present and draw the hunting trips and objects received by sector operators.
  • Shooting competitions: the Chapter annually organizes rifle shooting and shotgun shooting competitions.
  • Periodicals: the Members will receive the magazine SAFARI, perhaps the most beautiful and most complete hunting magazine in the world, the newspaper SAFARI TIMES, for a complete and specific details about the S.C.I.’s activities in the world and the Italian review ARMI E TIRO, which, in all numbers, reservas some space to the Italian Chapter.


Ethical Code

Member’s Engagement

By becoming a S.C.I. Member one morally engages oneself to:

  • Give a personal contribution to the conservation of fauna and ecosystems.
  • Improve his qualities of hunter and shooter, so as to secure a human killing of the prey.
  • Respect the laws which rule hunting and influence the hunting partners in this direction.
  • To help, in all possible ways, those in charge of taking care of the game.
  • Not to lose any opportunity for teaching young people the aims of this ethical code.
  • To demonstrate with the words, and chiefly with the facts, the brotherhood between hunters and the respect for fauna and nature.


Admission to the Italian Chapter

The application for admission to the Italian Chapter of S.C.I. is to be made on the form downloadable here.
It must be printed, completed and sent by Email to Details can be obtained by the Club’s Secretarial Office (E-mail: – phone number: 015.351723)