Rules of the Trophy Competition of the SCI Italian Chapter from July 06, 2017

from July 06, 2017

The SCI Italian Chapter annually awards 10 best trophies of each continent and 10 best trophies achieved with the bow. The best Italian trophy and the best Overall trophy will also be awarded. For the best Overall trophy, the distinction of the hunting method will not be valid.
The competition will take place in the following ways:
  • The judging committee is made up of eight members with proven and extensive hunting experience, whose members will be elected by the Board of Directors of the SCI Italian Chapter. The members of the committee will remain in office for the duration of the council that elected them. In the event of the resignation of a member, the Board of Directors will appoint a new member who will remain in office for the duration of the board that elected him or her.
  • The jury’s verdict is final and each member will not be required to justify their evaluation criteria.
  • All trophies obtained in the two years prior to 1 March of each year can participate in the competition. In the case of a previously achieved trophy, the date of the import certificate in Italy will prevail, which cannot be more than two years earlier than 1 March of the competition year.
  • Each trophy can only be presented to the competition once.
  • If a member of the jury submits their own trophy to the competition, he or she will not participate in the voting for the continent or category in which their trophy competes. The member of the jury will not receive the list of trophies of said Continent or Category and will not participate in the vote for the best ITALIAN trophy and the best OVERALL trophy.
  • Each trophy must be presented by 20 February of each year accompanied by:
    • A photograph taken at the hunting site with the hunter clearly recognisable. In the case of a trophy with branched horns, there must be the following 3 photographs of the trophy (1 frontal, 1 taken from the right side, and 1 taken from the left side)
    • Measurement form completed and signed by an official SCI measurer who in no case may be the hunter, outfitter, or guide who contributed to the achievement of the trophy itself
    • Hunting report (form available in the secretariat or downloadable from the following website:
    • Disclaimer for the use of images or videos
    • The photograph, the measurement form, the hunting report, and the release must be sent no later than 20 February jointly by ordinary mail or electronically (which is preferable) to the secretariat of the SCI Italian Chapter at the following email address:
  • Each competitor cannot present more than one trophy per continent.
  • Each awarded trophy will be registered, at the expense of the SCI Italian Chapter, in the Safari Club International Record Book.
  • The secretary of the SCI Italian Chapter will send, by 20 March, to the members of the judging committee, the list of trophies divided by continent with the relative score, hunting method, and classification based on the Record Book in force.
  • Each member of the judging committee must send their judgment by 20 April. This judgment will be expressed, for each continent, with a vote from 1 to 10, where 1 is the best judgment and 10 is the worst, and will also indicate which, in the judges’ opinion, are the three best Overall trophies in the appropriate form. For a more correct evaluation, each member of the committee can ask the secretary for the measurement form and the photograph, but in this case, any reference to the hunter who has achieved it will be removed.
  • It will be the task of the secretary of the SCI Italian Chapter to draw up the ranking, based on the arithmetic average of the votes expressed by the members of the judging committee: for each continent, for the best Italian trophy and for the best Overall trophy.
  • Competitors whose trophies are among the top 10 of each continent will be notified by 10 May that their trophy is a finalist, therefore awarded, but they will not be notified of the final ranking, which will only be read at the time of the award ceremony.
  • This regulation enters into force on 6 July 2017.