In 2001the Italian Chapter came to know that the Kissama Foundation of Pretoria (S.A.)intended to conduce a research to discover whether or not the Giant Sable was still existing in Angola . In fact nobody knew since 1976 ,when the Luando and Cagandala National Parks where evacuated and left unattended and unprotected , if this magnificent animal had survived the civil war in Angola that is the only country where they existed. After having got in touch with Prof. W.van Hoven president of the Kissama Foundation and having discussed the scientific purpose of the expedition ; the Italian Chapter decided to support the program donating $ 20.000 necessary to cover the expenses of the expedition..
On August 14 ,2002 in Pretoria, after a press conference ,the party guided by Prof.van Hooven (S.A.) with Dr.Richard Estes of the Smithsonian Institute (U.S.A.) that 30 years ago studied this animal for one year, Mr. Brendon O’Keeffe Chairman of AGRED (S.A.), Mr.J.F. Walker autor of the book “A certain curve of horns” (U.S.A.) and 3 operators of Oracle Television Productions left for Angola and on August 20 entered the Cagandala National Park where was reported some Giant Sable still living. During the stay in the Lando area the scientists saw first several tracks and dung of adults and juvenile Giant Sable and then spotted some groups of adults and sub-adults !
During a press conference held on August 26 in Luanda on their return Prof. W. van Hoven said “ from a scientific point of view this expedition has achieved its objective by proving that family groups of Giant Sable still occur in Cangandala National Park” and thanked the Italian Chapter of Safari Club International for the contribution towards making the expedition in search of the Giant Sable possible.